More activity in day-to-day life: Stairs used too little

Constance Stickler on Friday, October 23rd, 2009 at 08:59


One of the simplest possibilities to get more activity is to use the stairs instead of the elevator or the moving stairs. tells about a German study observing the visitor‘s behaviour in a mall.
Sara Mager and Birgit Wallmann of the health centre of German‘s physical education college in Köln strike a disillusioning balance: only six percent of the visitors used the stairs, all others took the moving stairs.
After that they started tests with posters praising the advantages of stairs. The text „Take the stairs“ brought a rise of three percent, „Stair climbing keeps you fit and healthy!“ four percent. The application of this simple and cheap tool has to be examined further, emphasise Mager and Wallmann.

Another promotion of stairs – although distinctly more costly – was presented by VW in its project „The Fun Theory“. Overnight, the stairs at the exit of a subway station were transformed into a piano. With overwhelming success: the stairs were used by 66% more than on other days.

Video: VW


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