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Intact relationships are ideal stress buffers


A dissertation at the university of Göteborg concludes: Who lives in an intact relationship suffers considerably less from the daily working stress. The partner has a buffer effect.

Who on the other hand lives in a dysfunctional, mediocre relationship comes out twice as badly as negative influences enhance mutually: the risk for a burn-out and physic diseases increases. With women these are mainly anxiety stats and sleep disturbances, whereas with men depressions and feelings of oppression. It is assumed that the burden of a constant fight for improvement of the relationship is added to the working stress.

Of course the partner must not be abused as trash bin. Furthermore the body needs a rest and  relaxation after stressful periods, conversations are not a complete compensation for this.

The dissertation can be found here.


Constance Stickler at 25.11.2009, 10:34 Uhr
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