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Using Twitter to lose weight


According to the article written by Dr. Kal eMarketer predicts 18 mio. twittering Americans by the end of 2009. Most of these 18 mio. want to lose weight. Who is adipose wants to be overweight, the ones with overweight want to have a normal weight and who is within the normal range wants to have six-packs.

How can Twitter help with losing weight? Dr. Kal gives the following advices:

Thousands of other twitterers give free advices how to slim. Not all of them are to be recommended. Dr. Kal trusts in the tweets of @PreventionMag, @MensHealthMag, @WomensHealthMag.

Success stories of other people inspire and motivate. @PastaQueen, @PriorFatGirl, @RonisWeigh, @DoneDieting, @FormerFatGirl, @MrLowBodyFat succeeded and keep their weight.

There are countless others eager to slim in Twitterland to start an active interchange. Via tools like one can find some of them within the own geographic environment.

As long as we don‘t know our nutrition sins, it‘s hard to avoid them. Also for that a twitter solution exists:

No stress
The 4 rules for sustainable dieting are:
1.    Eat less,
2.    move more,
3.    sleep more and
4.    stress less.
How to reduce and avoid stress is explained best by these twitterers: @StressLess, @TaraBurner, @LifestyleOracle.

To laugh helps with a lot of stuff, also with slimming. They will cause you to laugh: @FatherKelly, @Nick_Nolte, @ChuckNorris_, @TheRules.

Success fills us with pride – what about before and after photos on TwitPic? And it motivates to approach things sincerely not to have after pics that show 2 kilos more. Of course you can upload photos of everything you‘re eating. Most of us would be amazed in retrospect.

By the way – one of the latest features on Twitter are lists. Now one can summarize single twitters into a group with a special topic. Here‘s a selection that I created for myVitaliEN:

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