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myVitali is with the project “Vital Living in Vorarlberg” nominated for the eBiz award!


The company i+R Schertler-Alge provide the barrier-free apartment, which is the base of the project. The award-winning Vital monitoring myVitali from MASSIVE ART monitors key health data such as blood pressure and pulse, blood sugar and weight, body fat, body water and muscle mass. The readings are automatically sent by radio to the system and can be accessed via a touch-sensitive screen in the living area.

Family, nurses, doctors and persons of trust receive with the consent of the resident access to the collected data. The implementation partner for the building automation realized a emergency call functions, an alarm function and the monitoring of the air quality.

The latter is also used in myVitali for the interpretation of the state of health. Besides the health data myVitali additionally includes information, which are related with the efficient energy use.

Now the project is nominated for the eBiz egovernment award. The decision criteria for the Award are besides the cost effectiveness, the sustainability and the creativity of the solution.

Now we are curious to see, who will win the award in Vorarlberg.

admin at 27.10.2010, 18:19 Uhr
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