How do I use the blood sugar device gluco-comfort?

To complete a measuring please proceed as follows:

  1. To carry out a blood glucose measurement, have the following listed utensils ready: blood glucose meter, test strips, lancing device, lancet and clean paper towel or clean paper tissue.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.
  3. Remove one test strip from the package. Make sure that you close the package immediately after removing the strip.
  4. With the device switched off, guide the test strip with the darker side facing up into the test strip receptacle in the direction of the arrow until you feel it click into place.
  5. If the test strip is positioned correctly, the device switches on automatically.
  6. The user number of the person that completed the last measurement.
  7. If the user number doesn‘t agree with yours, press the MEM button until your user number appears.
  8. Confirm the user number by pressing the On/Off button. The meter acknowledges this with a beep.
  9. In the top part of the display, the last stored test strip code number appears, and in the bottom part, the test strip symbol.
  10. After the test strip has been properly positioned, the meter signals that it is ready for measuring with two short beeps. In addition, a drop symbol blinks on the display.
  11. Remove the cap of the lancing device.
  12. Insert a new lancet in the lancing device.
  13. Remove the protective cap from the lance by turning and pulling it off.
  14. Replace the cap of the lancing device and set it to the desired lancing depth.
  15. Allow your arm to hang down relaxed so that blood can flow into your fingertips.
  16. Massage the finger from which you‘d like to get your sample for about three seconds (don‘t squeeze) to increase the blood flow.
  17. Wind up the lancing device.
  18. Hold the lancing device to the side of the finger pad and press the release button.
  19. Carefully press on the finger pad until a blood drop is formed.
  20. Hold the drop of blood next to the right side of the test strip. As soon as the blood drop touches the „nose“ in the middle of the notch, the blood is drawn in by the measuring cell.
  21. Once the measuring cell of the test strip is sufficiently filled with blood, the meter confirms this with a beep. The measurement starts automatically.
  22. The blood glucose measurement takes ten seconds. There is a measuring time „countdown“ on the display.
  23. The end of measurement is confirmed with two short beeps. The measured blood glucose value is displayed with the date and time of the measurement.


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