How do I use the body diagnosis scale scaleo-comfort?

To complete a measuring please proceed as follows:

  1. Tap the START button with your foot. As a self-test, all display elements appear until the user number is displayed.
  2. Now select, also with your foot, your own user number by tapping the UP/MEM button. Every time you tap the UP/MEM button, the activated user numbers are displayed one after the other
  3. After about three seconds or by tapping the START button, the user number is confirmed, whereby the weight display „0.0“ appears after the user number.
  4. Now step barefoot onto the scale and make sure that you‘re standing on both electrodes without allowing your feet to touch each other. Stand still on the scale with your weight distributed evenly on both legs.
  5. The scale immediately begins with the measurement. As long as the measured value is being recorded, two dashes are shown on the display instead of the weight.
  6. Your weight is measured first, and then, based on the impedance measurement, your body data, such as body fat, body water and muscle mass. This may take several seconds. Remain standing still on the scale.
  7. At the end of the measurement, first your weight will be displayed.
  8. After about three seconds or when you tap the START button with your foot, the percentage for the measured body fat, as well as the corresponding trend, are displayed. Small arrows or a dash beneath the value show the difference to the last measurement (down arrow = percentage is less than at the last measurement, up arrow = percentage is higher, dash = percentage is constant).
  9. After another three seconds or each time after you tap on the START button, the next percentage value is displayed according to the set selection with the corresponding trend display.
  10. When you are finished reading your values, you can switch your scale back to sleep mode by pressing the START button for about two seconds. If you step off the standing area, the scale switches off automatically after one minute at most.


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