How can I unbind the body diagnosis scale scaleo-comfort from a system?

To unbind the weight scale scaleo-comfort to use with a new system do the following:

  1. When standing in front of the scale you see a small button (SET button) in the middle of the front side, below the two main buttons (START button and MEM button). Please push the SET button once. In the display you can see all symbols flashing once quickly. Then the display switches to "0".
  2. Now please press the SET button several times, until you can see "on" in the display. After every push onto the SET button you have to wait a little until the next symbol is flashing. All in all you have to push the SET button about 10 times.
  3. When "on" is shown on the display, please press the MEM button (right main button) once. The display changes to "off". Then please push the SET button two times more until the time is shown on the display again. 
  4. The service program for data transmission on the new system should now be running. If not, please start the service. Within a few minutes the scale should be connected with the new system.
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