Installation process for Biocomfort devices and myVitali Gateway Software

Before measurements can be done with the devices, the Gateway Software has to be installed. Currently supported operating systems are:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Linux (for the installation of myVitali on Linux operating systems, please contact us directly

1 Installation of the Gateway Software (myVitali® Gateway)

The software is needed to send the collected data from the devices to the application. The devices must be located within a radius of about 20 meters to the USB dongle to transfer data. Download the software here: and extract it. Start the installation program (Setup.exe myVitali Gateway) and follow the instructions.

2 Installation of the USB dongle

Plug the wireless dongle into an available USB port on your computer. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 the drivers are installed automatically. For Windows XP the drivers were already installed by the gateway software.

3 Start the communication software

On your desktop you will then find the shortcut "myVitali® Gateway" to start the software. Double-click the icon. A window opens with status information. Check the box next to "run on startup " to allow the program to start automatically after you restart your computer. Click the "Start" button to start the data transfer. The status of the dongle is displayed (a green check mark appears when the dongle is working).

4 Start the application myVitali

If you have not yet created an account, you can do it here:
After you activated your account, login here: Enter your username and password.

5 Completing the user data

Go to the menu "Edit" - "user data" in the upper right corner first to change your user data. Select the appropriate tab ("Personal Data", "Address", "Health" and "Configuration"). For measurements with the weight scale you have to make sure the data for gender, date of birth, size and activity level iss et correctly (to be found under "Personal Data" and "Health").
Fill in your user data before registering the instruments (see point 8). If you want to change your password go to the tab "Configuration. Click "Save" to store the changed data.

6 Registration of devices

Go to the menu "My Data" - "Devices". You have to register your devices before taking measurements. Click the button "New device (Biocomfort) ". Select the type of device and enter the serial number in the appropriate field. The serial number is located on the back panel below the bar code (example for a serial number: 590024 01 0712 0440).
Then enter your user number. If you use the device alone, it is the user number 1. If more users are working with one device, assign the numbers continuously (second user has user number 2 and so on). Each device can be registered only once per user number. Click on the button "Register" to save the data and complete the registration for the current device. In the list of devices the new device will appear.
The status of the device changes from red (unknown device) to yellow flashing  (device is being programmed) and finally to green (device is ready for use). This process can take several minutes. You don’t need to make any configuration on the devices itself. The devices will be programmed automatically!

7 Measurements

You can now work with the devices. The measurement data is transferred automatically to your account where it is shown and interpreted by Vitali, your friendly Vital Coach.

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