1. prize ebiz egovernment award 2009 Vorarlberg

On the evening of the 23rd of September 2009, LR Dr. Greti Schmid presented MASSIVE ART CEO Oliver J. Wolff in the Vorarlberger Medienhaus with the winner‘s certificate. The award is bestowed by the Report Verlag, the Office of the Federal Chancellor and the Plattform Digitales Österreich, addressed to companies in all Austrian federal states and given for „outstanding performance in developing e-business and IT solutions.

LR Dr. Greti Schmid takes care supporting IT solutions as the future and calls the myVitali vital monitoring „very innovative and very indicatory“ when it comes to enabling a safe and longer stay at the own home for elderly persons. myVitali touches an important nerve of the health industry, the nursing domain, becoming more and more important due to the population development.

Martin Szelgrad of the Report Verlag sees myVitali as tool for elderly people „to continue a responsible live in their own homes“.

The jury‘s statements in the original wording:

  • Eases the subject health for older patients but also for the younger generation.
  • This tool is clear, especially for seniors.
  • That‘s the future of health prevention and patient care in the own four walls.
  • Brilliant concept
  • Perfect usability


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