Innovative diabetes management system for more quality of life

At the congressional fair TeleHealth (05. - 06.03.2009), held in the frame of the CeBIT (03. - 08.03.2009), MASSIVE ART presented the further developments regarding diabetes management with myVitali at the booth of the company Biocomfort.
The system supports user and doctor from the documentation over the interpretation of vital and glucose values to the giving of insulin (e.g. with the reminder feature). In the version presented at the TeleHealth for the first time, also average values, daily minimum and maximum are visualised and interpreted.
Although if single blood sugar values are in a border area (hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia), the average values might be in a normal range, due to compensation. In this case, it‘s difficult for the doctor to recognise critical situations and trends. With myVitali the latter are quickly obvious, helping to improve the quality of the treatment.

Case study: Anna L.
Anna L. suffers from diabetes since a number of years and measures her blood sugar several times a day. For some time she‘s using myVitali. The measurement itself works like with a conventional device. Though the data are transferred wireless and automatically within seconds from the measuring device to the myVitali system. Vitali analyses these data, interprets single values as well as trends and passes on the information and recommendations to Anna easily understandable.
Anna‘s diabetes coach has access to her data at any time and can intervene when necessary.

Each morning, Vitali reminds Anna of the insulin giving. After the shot, Anna sets the reminder as done.

If Anna doesn‘t set the reminder as done combined with other factors such as the exceeding of a critical value, a predefined escalation scenario will be initiated.
In Anna‘s case, Vitali primarily asks, if the insulin giving was forgotten. If the insulin was given, Vitali asks for the probable reason for the blood sugar peak (e.g. a highly glycaemic meal) to clarify the situation.

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