LR Dr. Greti Schmid visits the pilot project in Götzis

On the 9th October 2009, LR Dr. Greti Schmid visited the pilot project in the House of Generations in Götzis, which was initiated with her support. Together with the MASSIVE ART CEO Oliver J. Wolff she interviewed test person Paula Ender (74) from Mäder about her experiences with myVitali.
Mrs. Ender is one of the 12 persons who put myVitali through his paces during several months. Their vital data are collected and Vitali recommends appropriate measures, e.g. a walk if the blood pressure is too high. The feedback helps to further improve the solution that should allow as many people as possible to spend their retirement as long as possible at their own homes.
Dr. Greti Schmid doesn‘t see the computer as a replacement for nursing but as an additional safety aspect for elderly persons. In case of a wider spreading it would also mean a significant expense factor.

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