myVitali - for the first time presented at the MEDICA 2008

The myVitali vital monitoring was presented at the world‘s largest fair for medical engineering MEDICA (19. - 22.11.2008) in Düsseldorf. For two days, project manager Tom Ulmer answered critical questions, e.g. regarding target group-oriented design of the interface, data security and the technical integration of the wireless connected measuring devices. The trade-fair appearance was made possible by project partner Biocomfort, at whose booth myVitali was presented and whose devices and wireless technology is integrated into the web application.
The numerous visitors were especially impressed by the fully automated and wireless transfer of measuring values into the application, most of them proceeding on the assumption of a manual data input. A selftest made obvious, how easy measuring can be. For example the scale to collect the weight, body fat and water as well as muscle mass is used as a conventional device. That means turning on and stepping on it after a short while. Within seconds the data are visible on the monitor and are immediately analysed and interpreted. This is especially valuable, if the user is not able to make use of the values by itself resp. of single measurements. Not all patients know what „147 mm/hg systolic“ means and what this measurement might state in context with previous values. Only seconds after the completion of the measuring, Vitali gives a clear and simple statement.

Comments by fair visitors
„Nice and easy user guidance, simple impression - the interface doesn‘t discourage out of feature variety.“
„Successful reduction of the complexity behind to an easily accessible GUI.“ (Quote of a product designer)
„Friendly design, appears welcoming“
„Contrasts to known medical software. No information overload.“
„Without knowing the results of user tests one believes in the interface being appropriate for the target group [elderly persons].“

Data security
The data security topic was to the fore with almost all medical solutions, the German speaking world is especially sensitised for this. This was made clear by the number of questions dealing with it. One visitor formulated it very clearly: „How do you prevent my fictive neighbour - a hacker - from retaining the radio signals and knowing about my health situation?“ Data security flew into the concept of myVitali from the beginning. The data is encrypted with different established methods classed as safe on the whole way (the same standard is used by tax offices and banks). In addition, vital data and personal data is kept separately and only brought together on the target device. Even in the unlikely case that vital data is retained and decoded they are useless for the hacker, as they can‘t be assigned to a certain person. The visitor‘s reaction: „That sounds more safe than telebanking from home.“

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