myVitali in the house of generations in Götzis

The idea

The idea was born in October 2008 during a conversation between LR Dr. Greti Schmid and MASSIVE ART‘s CEO Oliver J. Wolff. In several follow-up discussions and with the support of Mr. Peter Hämmerle (Office of the federal state government of Vorarlberg, Leader of the department  for seniors, care security and social welfare) and Mrs. Carmen Hammouda (Office of the federal state government of Vorarlberg, department for social welfare, home health care, statistics and social service guidance), the contact with the social service in Götzis was established.

The test is conducted in the house of generations in Götzis, the key person being Mrs. Ruth Weiskopf (nursing management) who is fully committed to the project and picks the test persons. She is fully supported by Mr. Martin Herburger (management).

Academic entitlement

To guarantee the academic entitlement and the independent evaluation of the test result we could win Dr. Guido Kempter of the university of applied sciences Vorarlberg. The institution is attending the project with a scientific study and the system undergoes several tests with a focus on usability and accessibility.

To evaluate the system‘s benefit and suitability for daily use, surveys will be carried out before the start of the project, during the testing and after the completion of the study. Of special importance are the effects on the sense of security, the subjective feeling of health, the easy and intuitive handling of system and devices and the changes in the social framework.

The test persons

Of 12 test persons (between 55 and 90 years old) in total, 4 reference persons were chosen outside of the test among the families of the probands. All experimentees were equipped with a myVitali system at the beginning of the test period. This system consists in a touchscreen PC with installed transmission software, various devices to measure the blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, body fat, body water and muscle mass. The installations took place in the house of generations or at the test person‘s home. Due to personal training and ongoing support of the users a trouble-free process is guaranteed.

The bigger part of the users was highly motivated from day one. Already after a short while we got feedback concerning the positive effects with single patients. Besides weight reduction and a successful motivation for more activity, the usage of myVitali in some cases brought more transparency regarding critical health parameters. In more than one case it was detected that the blood sugar value is borderline many a time. This led to awareness-rising and a change in nutrition habits.

The test person‘s interest in their health and the system itself brought about useful hints and suggestions for improvement. These immediately flow into the further development of the system and the test users partially benefit already during the test.

Therewith MASSIVE ART fulfils its self-imposed role to put the user in the centre of the system and its further development and perfection. MASSIVE ART calls this approach „Human Information Design“.

In addition to the probands also younger family members (adult children) work as reference persons with myVitali. As the frontend is designed completely web-based, the data are accessible independent from the current location. Thus the reference persons - if authorised by the user - can follow the development of health and vitality of parents and grandparents and if measurements are made on a regular basis from his own home.

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