Vital living in Vorarlberg

Why senior-adapted living?
The population gets older and older: at the turn of the millennium 16% of the Austrians were older than 65 years, 2050 it will be 31%. As early as in the year 2030 70% of them will live alone. The costs for care and nursing threaten to explode. As a result, the demand for solutions as pre-amplifier to assisted living increases rapidly. That‘s exactly where the developed solution applies.

The flat of the future fulfils many requirements:

  • Cost reduction: Costs for nursing homes of € 1.500 per month or more can be saved
  • Safety: The integrated emergency system and burglar alarm cover fundamental safety requirements. Further more, doctors, caretakers and family are constantly informed about the users health condition.
  • Well-being: The room climate is measured regularly. myVitali analyses the data and informs the user with messages if limits have been exceeded. E.g.: „The air is very dry today. You should therefore drink sufficient water.“ or „The quality of air in the room is sinking. Please open the window for a few minutes.“
  • Quality of life: This solution and easy communication enables senior citizens to stay at home in their own surroundings longer. Special programmes help, to obtain mental and physical fitness.
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