The complex data captured by the devices are translated into easy to understand language and clear instructions, which don't require any medical knowledge. Medical responsiblity, however, always remains with the doctor or health professional in charge of a patient.


The system is based on recommendations of the World Health Organisation. Individual thresholds, goals and advice about how to achieve them can be defined for each user, together with their regular doctor or independently.

Objective control

The latest measuring values can directly be matched with the target values in the graph.  We recommend to set smaller goals or target values and adjust them continuously so as to preserve one's motivation.


During the system‘s development we were supported by several practitioners:

  • Dr. Elisabeth Brändle (Diabetologist and general practitioner),
  • Dr. Gasser (Work physiologist and general practitioner),
  • Dr. Didi Schmidle (General practitioner) and
  • Dr. Hans-Karl Berchtold (physician and regular doctor in the myVitali pilot project)


For the development of the system, we conducted a thorough analysis of user requirements. The user always is at the centre of our development and feedback from our users continuously flows into the development process.

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