The contact persons

The users of myVitali may grant access to trusted third parties who can access a user's vital data either in their presence or independently, which can be of particular advantage in the case of an emergency:


At the touch of a button a physician obtains a comprehensive overview of a person’s vital data over time. If values are measured with the devices of Biocomfort, no manipulation is possible and they are completely reliable. Therefore certain visits to the doctor might become superfluous or replaced by a telephone call.

Nursing staff

A considerable part of the care effort is taken up by the capture of vital data. A lot of people may actually enjoy the social contact this involves.  However, if this is not the case, measurements can be taken independently by the user and the number of visits by a nurse can thus be reduced.


In many cases relatives may help with measurements, which is easy with myVitali. However, whenever a relative is not available to assist, users can carry out the measurements on their own, which makes a continuous record possible.

Trainer and coaches

The data collected in myVitali make compliance with a particular exercise regime or diet as well as their effects clearly visible.

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